Thursday, October 16, 2014

The traauma of separation and divorce

The trauma experienced by couples affected by separation or divorce can best be imagined. No one should ever have to go through it. Not only is it damaging to the victim it is also embarassing, diminishes the self esteem and certainly makes one to lose trust in love and relationship.
But bad as all these may be, believe me, the worst hit are the children.

The children inevitably lose the security of a loving and stable home that they so desperately need to form their identity and values.
That is why Children from broken  homes usually have self esteem problems.

These are some of the effects of a broken home on a child:
-low self esteem
-fear of everything (the dark, failure, success, love or emotion, and many more. )
-inability to pursue projects to its logical conclusion
-bullying (either as an aggressor or a victim)
-lack of initiative and creativity
-inability to reach their full potential due to fear of failure
-tendency to procastinate
-tendency to fall into wrong relationship and marriage
-irrational anger etc

Depending on the circumstances, a child will exhibit some or all of these symptoms.

For me this has made me to review marriage and childbearing not only as a culmination of love but as a call to service and responsibility.

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