Friday, September 5, 2014

The Last Born Syndrome

Recently I was reading an article that talked about the second child syndrome. The article talked about how the second born is usually given less attention than the first born. We tend to ooh! and aah! over the first born, naturally, but all the excitement dies down considerably with the birth of the second child.
However, in my own case, I'm experiencing what I like to call 'the last born syndrome' with my last child.

First of all, her older ones who are already in high school are boys, which of course means they are far older than her. She is seven while the closest in age to her is 12. 

Because of this, she tends to get left out of so many things. You can see her struggling to join them in playing football, or online games or any of the other things adolescents love to do. 

Even watching television is a struggle, because she wants to watch the girlish or little children cartoons but the boys want to watch adult cartoons like Ben ten, Batman or watch teenage comedies.

This morning she kept asking her brothers to allow her play the online Fifa Football game with them but they refused. She wondered from room to room looking for who to play with (sometimes she just gets tired of her toys) but their was no one.

The brothers were not willing to allow her into their game since they see her as to liitle to quickly grasp the concept of the game, and mummy was too busy trying to send this blog article.

I fear that she gets left out of things a lot and that kinda worries me. 

Is there anyone having similar experience?

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