Monday, October 24, 2011

Battling with my son's obesity.

I checked my nine year old son's weight recently on a scale and it read 58.
Put in mind that when I was pregnant for my first son, my weight throughout the pregnancy did not exceed 65. Before pregnancy, I weighed 58.  And here is my son weighing 58 at nine years old.
Soon, my husband and I discovered that he was breathing heavily even when doing a simple activity like eating or walking within the house.
We went to a doctor who told us to make him do exercises.
But we felt that making him do exercises alone would be like a punishment for the boy. So we decided to involve the whole family. Now the whole family gets up early even on school days to do some exercises (mostly jogging) for about thirty minutes. After this we ask him to take deep breaths and exhale (about 30 times).
We only started the exercises a week ago, but already, we’ve seen remarkable progress. For one, the heavy breathing has stopped.  Also he doesn’t look as flabby as he used to.
I’m hoping we can continue with the exercises and all.
One thing we do to make all this interesting to him is that we try to vary our exercise routines. Some days we do jogging and later, skipping on a rope. Some days we watch and follow the aerobics exercises that I bought on a cd. Last Saturday we walked.
Also, instead of full cream milk, I give him skimmed milk or milk low on fat and in any other way I can cut out sugar , milk and other fattening agents , I try to do so.
However, I still allow him to take ice-cream, chocolates, sweets, etc  on occasion so that he doesn’t feel as if he’s being starved of them.
These are just a few of the methods I’ve applied.
If you have any other good methods that can be used to help obese children please I’d like to hear them. It will help my son and I’m sure it will help so many other children in the same situation.
Demi F.O

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