Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Get Your Child Into A Good Secondary School

Hi there, 

It's been a while since I updated my blog and i'm so sorry for that.

I had a good reason though.

You see, my son is due to enter secondary school this year and there has been
a lot of activity going on at our home because of that.

Since he's my first child, my husband and I had no prior experience as to what it
entails getting a child admitted into a secondary school especially a good one.

We've had to do research upon research, not only on how to get a good school for
the child but on how to obtain forms, fill them, and submit along with the many other
documents they asked for.
In addition we've had to find out how to prepare the boy for exams, the best books
and materials to buy and so on. In the course of all these preparations, we've stumbled
upon some discoveries that would have saved us a lot of headache if we had known
them earlier.

For example, we discovered that we were supposed to have started getting
our son ready for his exams earlier than we did.

But one thing I learned from all this is that getting your child into a good 
secondary school is not a piece of cake. At least not to us since we were
completely uninformed.

In case you are a parent whose child is billed to enter secondary school this
year or next or even in a few years time, then you'd better read my free article
titled 'Two Most Important Things You MUST Avoid If You Want Your Child To
Be Admitted Into A Good Secondary School'

One of these things affected my child. Don't wait until it affects yours.

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