Monday, August 11, 2014

Checklist for Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child

  1. Listen to your child
  2. Show him love, by words and deeds
  3. Teach him morals by example
  4. Encourage him always, even when he makes mistakes
  5. Spend time with him
  6. Allow him to express his opinions
  7. Allow him to express anger
  8. Teach him responsibility
  9. Teach him to be courteous
  10. Do not backbite or gossip about others in front of him
  11. Allow him to be creative.
  12. Teach him to be appreciative
  13. Set boundaries and give discipline when needed
  14. Show interest in him, his school,  his friends, and all that concerns him
  15. Be supportive in all his endeavours
  16. Do not harass, scold or disgrace him in public, especially not in front of his friends or mates
  17. Apologise to him when at fault
  18. Teach him to pray
  19. Teach him respect by showing respect to him
  20. Be his parent as well as his mentor and friend.

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