Friday, November 19, 2010

How To Help Your Child To Be Smart

People tell me that i'm doing great with my children. I'm told that I put in so much effort to make sure they are doing well in school. But I don't know about that really.

To me, children of parents that are not even putting in as much effort seem to be doing equally well, and sometimes, even better than mine.

Don't get me wrong. My children are very intelligent. And they get excellent grades at school. But sometimes, I wonder. Wouldn't they do just as well if I left them alone and didn't pressure them too much.

Have you ever wondered whether you might not be overdoing the parenting thing just a little bit? Well I do.

My only consolation is that at least the children are doing fine, both morally, and education wise. Also, their teachers as well as other people - parents and even those that are not yet parents seem to have noticed how well brought up the kids are.

But still sometimes, I wonder...


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