Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Modelling Career

When my children were young, I had no idea what to do or say to them as a good parent. But I was sure of one thing, I wanted them to turn out to be kind, generous, tolerant, courteous, loving and with all the best characters that would make them outstanding. Of course. I didn't want them to be mean, liars, thieves, bullies or grow up with negative characters that would make them grow up to be undesirable human beings.

As I stumbled over my parenting trial and error tactics, I sometimes felt that I was not doing it right. Many times I did what I thought was right for them not really sure whether they will work or not.

But as they began to grow up into teenagers, I have found out that many of those things that I did actually worked.

And more amazing was the fact that in trying to make my children turn out right I became a better person.

I became more patient, kinder, less judgmental, and more courteous. After all it's hard to teach your kids to be courteous to others when you yourself are not.

So thanks to my kids, I have a modelling career. I'm trying to be a role model to my children!.

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