Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm back!

Hi everybody. After over a year of not hearing from me, I'm sure you must be wondering what happened.

There were some technical issues with the off line magazine that I used to write children articles for which needed to be sorted out.

But I'm glad to say that it has all been sorted out and now I'm back.

Today, we're going to be talking about 'Humiliating Children'.

I got the title for this week's blog from a scene I personally witnessed in my sons' high school.

I had gone for the end of term report of my two sons and while I sat in front of the class teacher of my younger son, discussing his result, we suddenly noticed a woman a few tables from ours scolding  her daughter.

Apparently, the daughter hadn't done well in this term's report and the mother wasn't too pleased especially as the class teacher told her that the girl had suddenly acquired new friends in another class and these group of  friends had influenced her negatively.

Of course, no parent is pleased to hear this type of news. But what really set me off was when the woman suddenly started beating her daughter of thirteen years in the public glare of the principal, vice principal, all the teachers, and the students.

I watched as she continued beating her daughter, screaming at her at the top of her voice, berating her for not facing what she was sent to school for which of course was to get good grades, and generally disgracing not only her daughter but herself as well.

At the end, she told her to go to the top of the podium in front of the hall and kneel down there till she came to meet her to decide what next to do to her.

The first feeling I had was shame. I was ashamed of a parent that felt that this was the only way to handle failure in her child. And then I felt anger. Anger for the way the woman had treated her daughter or better still bullied her daughter.

No one, as far as I'm concerned should ever be humiliated this way. No one! Especially not a child.

Unfortunately, many parents don't know how to handle their children when they're not living up to their expectations. Rather, they make things worse.

In my next blog, I'll tell you why you should never humiliate your kids and how to replace humiliation with the right tools that will yield positive results in your children.


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