Thursday, November 4, 2010

7 Tips On How To Get Your Teenagers To Obey You And Still Love And Respect You!

1. You must try to be not only a parent to your teenager but also a friend. This friendship must have built up over the years. How would you relate to the teenage son or daughter of your best friend who came to spend his or her holidays with you?

Would you bore the teenager with a set of rules or try to get him to like you?

Treat your teenage child first as a friend, then the parenting will be easy for you.

2. Don't bug them down with too many rules and restrictions that they may not be able to obey. Lay down only rules that you know are absolutely necessary for their own safety or good.

A good way to get them to obey your rules is to explain to them why you have to put down those rules. Except the child is rebelling against something, he would generally obey your rules.

3.Encourage your child to talk to you about anything.  How? 

By having a listening ear.

Never be too busy to listen to your child. Also take note of unusual behaviours. For example, unusual quietness. It could be a sign something is bothering him and he needs someone to talk to.

4. When they do disobey your instructions and get into trouble , still support them. Usually, they have learnt their lessons and don't need someone to rub it in. 
You could have discussions with them on why they disobeyed and what they have learnt from the mistakes.  But also, make them realise that you love them and support them, their mistakes notwithstanding.

5.Let your teenager know that you trust him enough to give him responsibilities and allow him to make some crucial decisions about his life. And give him room to take on those responsibilites and make those decisions.

6. Do you have a rebellious child? A rebellious child is trying to get attention.

Rather than throwing up your hands in despair, try to find out what exactly he is rebelling against and address it.

7. Above all, let your teenager have his own space, do his own thing, develop his own views about life and develop his own personality. It will enable  him to be bold and confident enough to face the real world.

You will be surprised that all the efforts you put up over the years training, teaching and moulding him will come to play as he develops his own personality and individuality and becomes a teenager and later, an adult you can be proud of.

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